Monday, September 30, 2013

August and September Trail Work

On August 13th Bill Ford and Burt Karaposteles spent a long day brushing a stretch between Scatter and Poplar Flat. This section includes Scatter Creek and three other creek crossings. Whistling Creek was the most brushy. On the same day they brushed out part of the trail near South Creek where a culvert was covered by brush. Once the trail was brushed, the culvert showed through the dirt so they built a short “turnpike” over it. On August 18th Bill and Jan Ford hiked up to complete a section of brushing west of South Creek which was not finished on Trails Day. Bill also cut out recently fallen logs which he learned about from Deb Whittemore the day before while at the Loup Loup Trail/Raffle Ride. On Saturday August 24th Bill and Jan rode up South Creek Trail to the pass, one of the three trails that MVBCH paid the Forest Service (FS) to brush, and remarked that the FS did a good job. (Thanks to Jan Ford for photos and story)
(Above) Whistling Creek “before” brushing and
(Below) Burt shows Whistling Creek "after"
brushing (Note: log on right was completely hidden
before brushing!)
Bill and the new “turnpike” over brushed trail culvert
Log covering the TRT was encountered by Terry and Steve Dixon

It was located between Scaffold and Eagle Creeks
Bill and Jan set out on Sept 4th to open the trail

Newly downed logs on the TRT
Trail's open--thanks Bill!

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