Tuesday, October 21, 2014

2014 Big Valley Ride

Story by Betty Wagoner, photos by Julie Johnson
On October 10th several of the riders who had been on the "Latte Ride to Mazama" and the "Cutthroat Lake" rides on October 8th and 9th with Betty Wagoner joined her again for the 3rd consecutive ride in the series: The Big Valley Ride. Once again, they had beautiful weather and an abundance of fall colors. They had a great lunch spot by the Methow River on property owned by Tina Heath. The riders joining Betty were Dick and Lainie Smithson, Kathy Bader, Julie Johnson, Fran White, Ann Port, Jackie Iddings, and Marc Rae.

The group had such a good time on the 3 rides that they decided to make it an "Annual 3 Day Event" with overnight camping again next year! 
Dick and Lainie and their horses enjoy the sunny day

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Cutthroat Lake Ride

Story submitted by Betty Wagoner, photos by Julie Johnson
Betty Wagoner was a busy trail boss in October! On the 9th she led a group on a chapter ride to Cutthroat Lake just west of Washington Pass. After riding to the Lake, most riders continued on up to Cutthroat Pass. Cathy Upper, Julie Johnson, Jill Calvert, Dick and Lainie Smithson, Therese Ohlson, Ann Port and Fran White enjoyed the ride, which turned out to be a work party as well! 

Many thanks to Cathy for bringing along a chain saw in her back pack on her horse. The group had been alerted to a log across the trail to the Lake, so she brought her chain saw to "take care of business" while still enjoying the ride! Turns out there was a second log further up the trail that had to be cut out as well. Dick, Jill, and Therese helped Cathy as she cleared the logs from the trail.
Amazing fall colors along the trail!

Just for Fun!

Story and photo submitted by Mary Pat Bauman
Two chapter rides in late September were canceled due to fire and flood damage, so on September 23rd Mary Pat Bauman, Joe Hebert, and Kay MacCready decided to enjoy the day by making some tracks up to North Lake. The ride started out a bit rainy, but during lunch the skies cleared and the return ride was sunny.
Joe on "Summer" and Kay on "Mac" rest their horses

2014 Latte Ride to Mazama

Story submitted by Betty Wagoner, photos by Julie Johnson 
It was a great day for the October Ride to Mazama this year! On October 8th Betty Wagoner led 8 riders from Brown's Farm to Mazama for a tasty lunch. Fran White, Kathy Bader, Lainie Smithson (guest from Peshastin), Ann Port, Joe Hebert, Jackie Iddings, and Mary Pat Bauman all joined in the fun and relaxing ride. The weather was great and the fall colors were in abundance. As there were 3 rides in 3 days, Ann, Fran, Betty, and Julie hauled their camper rigs to Goat Creek Sno Park to spend a couple of nights and extend the fun into the evenings!   
(L-R) Fran, Kathy, Betty, Lainy, Ann
(L-R) Julie, Ann, Fran, Betty

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

LOST! Have you seen these horses?

A rusty-brown and white paint mare and a Palomino gelding with a "V" brand on his left hip fled their corral near Benson Creek (Methow Valley) at the approach of the rapidly moving wildfire on or about July 18th. They were seen briefly on July 23rd, but tragically, they have not been found or seen since that time. Though the surrounding hills have been thoroughly searched, no remains have been found. It is hoped that someone kindly picked them up as they tried to escape the fires or has seen them somewhere in Okanogan County--or perhaps even farther away by now. They may be far away from the area, or perhaps they are in someone's corral being taken care of, waiting for their owners to come get them. They are loved by a family, and are deeply missed. If you know of, or have seen these horses--or their remains--please contact Ginger Reddington at 509-995-2471. We would appreciate your spreading the word amongst your friends ("horsey" or not!) and/or fellow hunters who may be in this area during the days/weeks to come. Any help would be greatly appreciated!