North Summit Horse Camp

June 24, 2018 
Update: North Summit Horse Camp

Mike McHugh, our contractor, started work on June 13th and continued work through June 22nd.  Roads and pull-through camp sites were leveled.  Additional rock was brought in to firm up soft, wet areas on the roads.  A roller was used to compact the roads after water was sprayed on them (it was very dusty).

We are now ready for the next step which is to obtain Forest Service approval of the work done so far before the roads can be graveled.  The inspection will be on Monday June 25th.  After that, 1200 tons of gravel will be brought in to spread on the prepared roads and campsites.

A work party to move amenities from the de-commissioned J.R. Campground (fences, fire rings, signs, picnic tables, etc.) is tentatively scheduled for July 12th.  This will be an important step in the development of the horse campground and we need a big turnout to accomplish this.

There will be updates via e-mail in early July. For now, let's take a drive through the camp with Jan and Bill as they look at all of the work Mike has done (follow along below):
First, the interior roads had to be widened...
...and the soft spots packed with boulders... make a smooth and solid interior road.
The main entrance to the campground.
Turning right to the 1st pull-through.
Continuing on past the 2nd pull-through.
Then past the 3rd pull-through...
...and the 4th pull-through, and so on past the 5th & 6th.
Parking is available for day visitors.
End of the tour--leaving the North Summit Horse Camp.

Background: North Summit Horse Camp

The Methow Valley Back Country Horsemen (MVBCH) approached the Methow Ranger District (MRD) about seven years ago to discuss establishing a horse campground across the valley from the established Twisp River Horse Campground. In the Loup Loup Summit area there are many scenic trails to be enjoyed by experienced and novice equestrians alike, with stock of all levels of ability. After several possible sites had been considered, MVD and MVBCH agreed on the North Summit Campground location.

MVBCH has paid the Forest Service (FS) $5,918 for design and engineering in a 2014 agreement. An additional $4,300 was paid to Tackman Surveying for three surveys. A 2013 Title II grant of $5,103 went to the creation of a site plan. The 2016 Title II grant of approximately $21,000 has gone to FS salaries.

Finally, on September 15th 2017, an agreement to develop the North Summit Horse Campground was signed by the Supervisor of the Okanogan/Wenatchee FS. Preliminary road construction in 2017 was $9,752. Cost to MVBCH so far has been $19,970.

Phase 1 will add about $30,248 more to the MVBCH contribution. The entrance and front fence and campground roads will be constructed, as well as six complete sites. Each site will have a compacted gravel pad, table, fire ring and highline for four horses. Two manure bunkers will be sited within the camp. Phase 1 will be a dry camp with a toilet within walking distance. Total cost for Phase 1 construction will be approximately $76,321, including about $50,218 from the MVBCH Chapter.

Phase 2 will begin after a ‘sufficient use’ study period and after securing grant funds and /or donations from individuals or organizations. During Phase 2 the last six campsites will be developed along with bathrooms, more manure bunkers, horse water and a large picnic shelter in the middle of the camp.

MVBCH is asking for donations to be used specifically for the development of the North Summit Horse Campground. Our chapter is proposing single campsite sponsorship for $2,500. Sponsors may be individuals, chapters, or other groups of people or organizations. The sponsors will be recognized on the campground bulletin board. To date, we already have a sponsor for one site. Individuals and organizations will be recognized for smaller donations.

Contact Bill Ford:  302 Twisp River Rd, Twisp WA 98856. Phone 509-997-0133 or e-mail 

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