Saturday, July 15, 2017

Twisp River Horse Camp Clean Up 2017


On June 24th, eight of us + Lucky (Mark Brantner’s dog) checked camp sites, hi-lines and feeders (the usual team of Ann Port and Betty W. painted them with anti-chew gunk).  We put up the pamphlet holder on the information board for the lists of trail descriptions.  The new map is in the process of being made by Green Trails and should be ready for display at the end of July.
Workers take a break for lunch--BBQ'd hot dogs by the Heberts, plus Pot Luck by other members

Manure Bunker Clean Up at Twisp River Horse Camp

On June 13th Mike McHugh emptied the manure bunkers at TRHC.  This had not been done since the SWWP, so there was rather more manure than would fit in Mike’s dump truck, but most of it was crammed in!

National Trails Day 2017

Casey clears branches from Eagle Creek bridge

Not a big turnout (14 in all counting the cooks), but quite a bit achieved considering the low number.  We had a boost when a truck load of energy arrived in the form of Casey Smith with two friends of similar age (20’s?) plus Jill Calvert – a very effective brushing team! Nick and Annette Koontz were the members who came furthest, and we had the fortune to have Jason Ridlon and a hunting buddy, Darrell; they and Willie Kemper and Dan Stanley (non-member) worked off the Twisp River Trail – up War Creek and Scatter Creek respectively. Bill and Nick removed the only impassable tree of the day, a tricky one by Scaffold Creek.  They also brushed a section of the trail near Slate Creek. 

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Wolf Creek Trail Ride & Work Party

On Sunday June 18th five MVBCH members (Jill Calvert, Marion Webster, President Cathy Upper, Bennet Upper, and Mary Pat Bauman) created a spontaneous work party for the Wolf Creek Trail. They enjoyed a beautiful 10-mile ride, working hard clearing the trail and having fun along the way. Perfect day!

2017 Boulder Creek/Swimming Pool Ride

Climbing the "Jeep Road"
On June 7th, nine riders navigated the steep “Jeep Road” that took us up to the Ramsey Creek Road. We turned off through the trees to a beautiful overlook of the Chewuch River Valley and mountains beyond. After tying up our mounts we enjoyed our lunch. 

Lunch on top of the world!

It was especially heart warming to have Dave Stephenson, after a couple years hiatus from riding, join us on his new mule. Thanks to President Cathy for guiding us on this great ride!