Sunday, July 22, 2018

Andrews Creek Hot Shot Trail Work & BBQ

Kay enjoys the rest and a little water--in the rain!
The horses get a bit of lunch too!
Bill has a rest too, while Jan does the photography
The Washington State Back Country Horsemen Hot Shot Trail Work Party completed 5 days of trail and bridge work in the Pasayten Wilderness area on July 4th. On June 30th Bill and Jan Ford and Kay MacCready rode up Andrews Creek trail for the day to help with building turnpikes about 3.5 miles up. They reached about 4 miles up without finding a turnpike crew, so they did some badly needed brushing instead (most of the brushing was completed in later days).

The work party also included volunteer hours contributed by the Washington Trail Association (WTA), the Pacific Northwest Trails (PNT) Association, the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) Association, and 2 members from our local Methow Valley chapter of the Back Country Horsemen (MVBCH). These volunteers came from all over Washington State. Some brought pack animals that packed supplies and hay every day to different work sites and one of the packers' assistant was his 15 years old daughter!

Secret Path to Copper Glance

President Cathy Upper and four friends hiked to Copper Glance. Along the way they enjoyed the views, the peace and quiet of the forest, and even saw a bear! Of course, they brought along their loppers and did a little trail pruning while they hiked! 

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Twisp River Horse Campground Cleanup

Ten members took part in the Saturday June 23rd cleanup and made a real impact.  Three sawyers (Mark Brantner, Joe Hebert and Bill Ford) bucked up a lot of trees that had been felled by the Forest Service and left as they were on the ground.  There is now plenty of stacked fire wood for the campers!
Michelle carries brush to the pile.
Bill takes on a treacherous snag over the road...
...and gets it out of the road.

Then Bill takes on another low-hanging snag.
Joe and Bill buck up a fallen hazard tree and George collects the firewood
Talking the fresh cut firewood to the wood pile.
Bill and Michelle take a short break.
Finally, it's lunch time!

UPDATES: North Summit Horse Campground

The latest updates on the North Summit Horse Camp can be found by clicking on the blog page "North Summit Horse Camp" on the left sice of this page or, you can click here.

Monday, June 25, 2018

UPDATE: Twisp River Drainage Trails

In May MVBCH cut out a number of trails in the Twisp River to the wilderness boundary. From June 3rd a Washington Trails Association (WTA) work party logged a number of trails within the wilderness. At the same time two Forest Service trail workers logged out Scatter Creek Trail #427 and War Creek Trail #408 beyond the wilderness boundary. Twisp River Trail #440 was logged out 15 miles by June 3rd.
South Creek Trail #401 – Logged to 3.8 miles.
Williams Creek Trail #407 – Logged out 2.5 miles to 3.0 miles with two trees left down on the trail.
War Creek Trail #408 - Logged out at least 2-3 miles beyond the cabin.
Eagle Creek Trail #410 – Logged out two miles just past Oval Lake Trail turn off.
North Creek Trail #413 – logged 2.5 miles with some brushing.
East Fork Buttermilk Trail #420 – Logged out at least 1.2 miles.
Scatter Creek Trail #427 – Logged out to the horse camp below the lake.
Louis Lake Trail #428 – Logged out two miles.
Twisp Pass Trail #432 – Logged out to Twisp Pass by Forest Service.