Wednesday, October 9, 2019

The "Kids Ride" at Beaver Creek

The MVBCH chapter sponsored a "Kids' Ride" (Yep—just for kids!) on June 28th at the Beaver Creek Campground. It wasn't a big crowd, but enough for plenty of fun! Member Betty Wagoner organized the event and member Michelle Schmidtke was the lead rider. Roger Hammer had his daughter Katie and two grandchildren, Heather MacArthur and 'Gramma Mary McHugh' brought Pearl up to ride. 

They went out for about one and a half hours and then retuned to Camp for hot dogs, chips, salad and drinks. They also had a fun time 'roasting' marshmallows on the grill and making S'mores. President Cathy Upper had brought one of our chapter's grills to cook the hot dogs (fire restrictions had not gone into effect yet).

Joining the group at the campground were Rachael Munis with her 2 young daughters and the daughters' Grandmother Dianna Painter, Ann Port, Mark Brantner, President Cathy and, of course, Betty. Everyone had a great time and were glad our chapter would promote a youth activity. And, there were even requests for another ride next year! Good job!  

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