Thursday, May 30, 2013

Spring Ride Logo-wear

Yes--the Spring Ride Logo-wear is still available! 

Check out the full selection by clicking on this link. E-mail the item name, size, and color along with your postal mailing address to The total cost including shipping will be figured and the amount due sent to you. Upon our receipt of funds payable to MVBCH, your item will be mailed. Confirmation of shipping date will be sent to you.  

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

National Trails Day® is June 1st!

Getting ready to help out on National Trails Day®? We'll meet at 8:30 a.m. at the Buttermilk Snow Park. How do you get there? In Twisp turn off Highway 153 onto Second Avenue at the North Cascades National Bank (just past the Community Center from the Carlton side and the Twisp River Pub from the Winthrop side). Second Avenue becomes Twisp River Road (Recreation Area). Follow the Twisp River Road for 11 miles where you will turn left to cross the river. Take the immediate right after crossing river. Go ½ mile up to Buttermilk Snow Park. We will disperse where needed along the 15 mile trail from the snow park. We will brush and clear the trail. Bring stout footwear, gloves, water and tools (such as loppers or pruners, shovels and saws) as well as any friends who are trail users and are willing to help. Bring your hard hats if you have them. Pot luck lunch, (the club will provide bratwursts for roasting!). The Twisp River Trail is maintained by the MVBCH. 
Oh, and don't forget...

On US Forest Service lands projects volunteers earn a NW Forest Day Pass for

one (1) day of volunteering and for two (2) days they receive an Annual NW Forest

Pass. Volunteer hours spent working on the Twisp River Trail are worth double to members of our chapter towards a forest pass!

Jan and Bill Ford have been scouting the Twisp River Trail between the Slate Creek trail head and Whistling Creek (about half way to Scatter Creek trail head) so it will be easier to 'deploy the troops' on June 1st when the work party will begin. They hiked the the first 3½ miles noting the trees down and identifying brushing needs, etc.  Cathy Upper biked a section to check it out, and Bill and Jan rode their horses from Slate going west towards Scatter. They had to cut out a few places with a saddle saw to get through, but turned round about half way because there was an impassable log which needed a chain saw. Bill went up later with Keith Zielke to cut it out and check out the rest of the trail to Scatter. As of this writing, there were still a few miles to check on the western third of the trail. Everything is free of snow and the roads are passable right up to the North Lake trail head and to the Horse Camp. The camp is in good shape and useable. (Photos courtesy of Jan Ford)

Saddle Saw Time!
OK, we have to mark the location and turn back.
Great view for the "holder of the horses"!


Moccasin Ranch (Patterson Lake) Ride

This ride was re-scheduled from May 21st to May 28th due to weather, but the 28th wasn't too much better than the originally scheduled day! Not worrying about the weather for the second try, Cathy Upper and Cathy's sister Marion, Julie Johnson, Suekii and Wayne Cornwall, Dick Heathman, Kay MacCready, Anne Port, Kathy Bader, Carla Lange, and Willie Kemper joined Betty Wagoner as she led the group on a great ride--missing the rain entirely and riding to the top of Patterson Mountain! Many thanks to Moccasin Lake Ranch--Betty had made prior arrangements for permission to make the ride on their private property. (Photos courtesy of Cathy Upper)

Climbing to the summit of Patterson Mountain

Plenty of water after the climb, and now it's time for lunch!

Chain Saw Certification Class of 2013

On May 21st the "Chain Saw Gang" gathered at the home of Jan and Bill Ford prior to heading up to the Twisp River Trail for the certification by Morgan Hartsop. Class members were Ken Shannon, Cathy Upper, Pete Stoothoff, Willie Kemper, Keith Zielke, Bill Ford, Steve Campbell, and Joe Hebert. (Photos courtesy of Jan Ford)

(L-R) Ken, Cathy, Pete, Willie, Keith, Bill, Steve (Joe was picked up along the way)

(L-R) Ken, Pete, Morgan, Keith, Cathy, Bill, Steve

Cub Creek Trail Clearing

On Saturday May 19th Wayne and Suekii Cornwall, Kay MacCready, Roger Jackson, and Mary Pat Bauman joined up to clear fallen trees on the trail along Cub Creek/Fred's trail. (Photo courtesy of Roger Jackson)

Golden Doe Ride

On May 13th a group of riders rode the Golden Doe Wildlife Area southeast of Twisp. Betty Wagoner, Cathy Upper, Cathy’s sister from Seattle, Wayne Cornwall, and Kay MacCready had a great time enjoying the abundant Balsam Root flowers.  (Photos courtesy of Kay MacCready)

Betty (L) and Wayne admire the flowers!

(L-R) Betty, Cathy, Cathy’s sister, Wayne

Sunday, May 12, 2013

49er's Day Parade

Yes, they were there! Suekii and Wayne Cornwall and Mary Pat Bauman braved the crowds and rode their trusty steeds in the 49er's Day Parade this year. Riding in traditional Native American costumes, they brought a real wild west flair to the outfitters and packers themed parade. Thanks to Julie Johnson who snapped these great photos.

Mary Pat with her pony in costume!
L-R, Suekii, Mary Pat, Wayne

Swimming Pool Ride

The May 4th Swimming Pool Ride went swimmingly! Wayne Corwall, Jackie Iddings, Roger Jackson, Carla Lange, Cathy Upper, along with Cathy's niece and another friend, had great weather and more than a little fun along the way. They were high up amongst the trees, so they weren't bothered by what we in the lowlands called the "heat of the day".  The ponies (and Roger's trusty mule) even had a little additional excitement staying out of the way of a mama cow trying to reach her calf. They skirted around the Lundgren's herd of horses at the very top (they figured out it was cooler up there too!), and enjoyed a lunch with a great view. Unfortunately, Roger's pictures of the ride were accidentally deleted or they'd have a few to share with those of us who couldn't join them! Well, maybe next year...