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Q: Please give me directions to Ancient Lakes campground. I would like to camp there next year.
A: It depends on where you want to be on the Ancient Lakes trail. Your best option is to make a choice based on expert information. The Washington Trails Association has a great guide online at https://www.wta.org/go-hiking/hikes/ancient-lakes that you may want to review to have a better idea of where and what you'd like to see and do. They also have lots of trip reports about the Ancient Lakes area that you can check out here: https://www.wta.org/go-hiking/hikes/ancient-lakes#trip-report-listing-header
NOTE: The Ancient Lakes/Quincy Wildlife area is now managed by The Port of Quincy (starting in 2017) and currently (2021) they are not taking reservations for camping. Any camping done in the Ancient Lakes/Quincy Wildlife area is now done by 1st come/1st served basis (no reservations) and with the expectation that those campers who do plan to have overnight stays 'leave no trace' as there are no workers on site or stationed in the area. They are currently in the planning stages for future camping sites in the location, but there are no provisions to accommodate such use of the area at this time.    


  1. Hi i am over from England and would love to take a ride across your amazing trails, is there any chance we could take a horse out this week?

    1. There are a number of options in the Methow Valley where you can check for ride availability: Sun Mountain Lodge (509-996-2211), the Chewack River Guest Ranch (509-996-2497), Thunderfoot Riding and Training (360-348-2144), Cascade Wilderness Outfitters (509-997-0155), Early Winters (509-996-2659).

  2. Can you camp at the loup loup horse camp even if you don't have horses?

  3. The North Summit Horse Campground ("louploup horse camp") is built and maintained by the Methow Valley Back Country Horsemen for horseback riders and their stock to enjoy the trails. Camping without stock at the North Summit Horse Campground is discouraged.

  4. I am a farrier from the Tonasket area anyone looking for some farrier work trimming and shoeing contact me here or at 509-558-1269

  5. Is the north summit campground open yet? If not, is the twisp river camp open?

  6. The Twisp River Campground is now open, and the Twisp River Trail has been cleared. Other trails local to the Twisp River are in various stages of being cleared. The North Summit Campground is closed until Friday June 18th.


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