Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Emergency Dismounts

Picture this: You're on a ride and your horse gets a hornet sting or, worse yet--has just decided it's time to act like a real jerk. He's completely out of control and you know you need to get off his back quick, but don't know how. Take a look at this short video of the proper technique by Julie Goodnight, and stay safe!

Emergency Stops

Not all of us have the "Perfect Horse". Or, some of us actually do have that perfect horse, but unusual or especially challenging circumstances change our bomb-proof natural wonder into a freaking maniac charging ahead like a race horse and blowing through our every effort to call a halt. This little video by horse master Julie Goodnight shows us a rescue method we can call into play when (or if) the need ever arises... Please remember that this is a "rescue" method for your and your horse's safety; it's not for your average everyday "maybe we should stop and rest here" request.