Friday, October 25, 2013

Big Valley Ride

Cathy Upper, Betty Wagoner, Julie Johnson, Kathy Bader, Ann Port, Kay MacCready, Joan Winsor, and Marion Webster joined up on October 11th for the Big Valley Ride. It was a spectacular day for viewing the autumn colors and everyone had a good outing. This trail is extra special in the fall because it displays a brilliant canvas of all the trees that make this season in our Valley so amazing. With the colorful leaves floating down here and there, it reminded riders of the classic photos of leafy paths in the woods along quiet streams. (Story by Betty Wagoner, photos by Julie Johnson)
Betty rides joins the ride on "Koda"
Kathy and Ann give their horses a drink
(L-R) Betty and Ann amble down the trail
Julie on "Sonny" by the Methow River
(L-R) Betty, Kay, Marion, Cathy, Joan, Ann, Kathy

Latte Ride

Uh-oh, the ride was canceled for the originally scheduled day of October 8th due to nasty weather conditions. Fortunately, the next day’s weather was perfectly marvelous so the ride was re-scheduled. Cathy Upper, Kay McCready, Carla Lange, Ken Shannon, Jackie Iddings and Jenn Hover decided to join Louise Stevens and carry on with the original plans to make the ride. All had a great time! Well, almost… As they started off from Brown’s Farm, Louise’s pony decided to toss a “fit” (and her!), so she decided to drive while the other folks continued on the ride to the Mazama Store for lunch. They all gathered after the ride at Louise’s home for libations and appetizers. It was a beautiful day, but unfortunately no one thought to take photos! Louise is doing better after her abrupt 3-point landing on the rocks—and yes, she still loves her horse! (Story courtesy of Louise Stevens)

Sunday, October 6, 2013

2013 Hamburger Ride

The Hamburger Ride took place on September 19th with 17 riders. By the time lunch was ready, 8 more people had shown up! Though Betty Wagoner didn't make it this year (for the first time?), her horse "Koda" did. Julie Johnson brought him with her horse—Betty had kindly lent him to Jenny Stahl. The weather was perfect, the pot luck dishes delicious, and Tom Cornish cooked the hamburgers. (Photos and story courtesy of Jan Ford and Dolly Stahl)
Bill Ford leads the ride out
Richard Erickson's horse pauses while others munch
Richard looks over the scenery
Jenny Stahl leads, with Julie Johnson, Bonnie Andrews and others trailing
Browsing the trail
Riders gather in the yard
Hamburger time! Grill out of gas?? (No, not really!)