Sunday, September 28, 2014

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Our MVBCH members have been hard at work hiking, riding, assessing for damage, and repairing our local trails after the "Summer of 2014" fires, high winds, and flash floods. Check out the "Trail Conditions" tab (above) or click here for members' findings and the latest information.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

2014 Hamburger Ride

The 2014 Hamburger Ride took place on September 18th, hosted by Jan and Bill Ford. There were 12 members and 1 guest riding. Some folks chose not to bring their horses, so there was a total of 25 who enjoyed the hamburger/pot luck lunch after the ride up on Big Buck Game Reserve. A small shower arrived just before lunch, but disappeared in time for all to enjoy the array of pot luck dishes that MVBCH members are so good at! The hamburgers were ably cooked by Tom Cornish.
(L-R) Jackie Iddings, Joe Hebert on "Sunrise", Bill Ford
(L-R) Bill on "Kaycee", Ann Port, Dolly on "Penny"
Jackie Iddings with her eager-to-get-going horse!
"The Guys" having a chat before the meal
"The Gals" having their own chat!

Loup Loup Campout

On September 11th, 12th and 13th, six gals decided to have a campout at the proposed Loup Loup Horse Camp. Cathy Upper and Cathy's friend "Cathy", Carla Lange, Fran White, Ann Port, and Betty Wagoner enjoyed beautiful weather--with no smoke or scorched/burnt terrain in the ride area--Yeah! Great pot luck dinners with lively chat sessions were the evenings' entertainment and everyone relaxed and had fun during the brief respite.
(L-R) "Cathy", Cathy U, Carla, Fran, Ann

Goat Creek Ride

From Bear Creek to Goat Creek! Due to fire damage the Bear Creek Ride with Carolyn Bronson was moved to Goat Creek. On September 8th Carolyn led a small group with Ann Port, Julie Johnson, and Betty Wagoner from the Goat Creek Sno-Park to the Mazama Store. Louise Stevens, not to be left behind, decided to join the group on her bicycle! 
Riding out from Goat Creek Sno-park
"Parked" at the Mazama Store
(L-R) Betty, Carolyn, Ann, and Julie