Friday, September 27, 2019

2019 National Trails Day

National Trails Day was June 1st and we had a great (and lively!) group of MVBCH members joining in the fun! We traditionally work on the Twisp River Trail for Trails Day, but this year we changed our venue and decided to do as much as possible to repair damage to the Twisp River Horse Camp from the Crescent Mountain wildfire. We had a good turnout of certified sawyers and the camp was cleared of felled hazard trees and other downfall; the swampers had a real challenge keeping up with them! 
Tailgate briefing by Pete Stoothoff.

Joe and Carol Hebert brought the  chapter BBQ equipment and saw to it that everyone had a hearty lunch. It was nice to see Betty Wagoner on her feet after her accident at the Joe Watt Ride. And, two of our members were thrilled to see a Moose cow with a very young pair of twins near the road end! 

Rendezvous/Lewis Butte Ride 2019

The Rendezvous/Lewis Butte Ride was held on June 6th and was hosted by members Dave & Gina Johnston. The ride was about 3 1/2 hours; Ann Port and Betty Wagoner took the "refreshment taxi" up to the Butte and met the riders half way with cold drinks. The scenery was quite beautiful with the Cascade peaks beyond. A great time was had by all—there were 16 riders and many more non-riders joined in after the ride to enjoy the great food and merriment. 
Riders head out from the Johnston's
A special Thank You to Dave and Gina for hosting, and DK and Stacey Williams for lending support wherever needed. The BBQ meat provided by our hosts was especially delicious with ribs, pulled pork, shredded beef, and a super bean dish! Guests brought plenty of side dishes and desserts to finish the meal, and no one ended the day hungry!
Heading to the hills.
Where's the trail?

End of the trail and time for the BBQ!

No one goes home hungry😊


2019 Golden Doe Ride

Mark and Jackie on an old road riding up to view the Methow Valley

On May 8th the Golden Doe riders Mark Brantner, Jackie Iddings and Betty Wagoner were joined by new member Alyssa Jumars on her horse "Willa". 
Alyssa on "Willa" with the Ellsworth homestead in the background

Joe Watt Ride 2019

The Joe Watt Ride was May 18th this year and it was a beautiful area to ride in during early spring. The hospitality of BCHW members was great and we offer special thanks to Jason Ridlon for organizing it with the benefits going to the North Summit Horse Camp. Member Betty Wagoner was there to help, along with President Cathy Upper and several others, including Kay MacCready. Betty had a nasty fall when a dog spooked her horse while she was having a ride with Cathy before the Prize Ride, and she has been recovering nicely while still keeping up with our chapter activities. Her injuries were a broken pelvis and broken ribs, and while this has slowed her down a bit, she has made a point of being wherever she can to cheer us on during work parties! You go, Girl!! 
(L-R) Cathy Upper and Kay MacCready checking out the trail.