Friday, September 27, 2019

Joe Watt Ride 2019

The Joe Watt Ride was May 18th this year and it was a beautiful area to ride in during early spring. The hospitality of BCHW members was great and we offer special thanks to Jason Ridlon for organizing it with the benefits going to the North Summit Horse Camp. Member Betty Wagoner was there to help, along with President Cathy Upper and several others, including Kay MacCready. Betty had a nasty fall when a dog spooked her horse while she was having a ride with Cathy before the Prize Ride, and she has been recovering nicely while still keeping up with our chapter activities. Her injuries were a broken pelvis and broken ribs, and while this has slowed her down a bit, she has made a point of being wherever she can to cheer us on during work parties! You go, Girl!! 
(L-R) Cathy Upper and Kay MacCready checking out the trail.

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