Saturday, May 24, 2014

Huge Ponderosa Across Twisp River Road is Removed!

There was a big old ponderosa right across Twisp River Road (NF-4440) near South Creek! We can't camp if we can't get there from here, so...

Joe getting ready to start cutting!
On May 19th Joe Hebert and Bill Ford cut out enough to get through. A Fish and Wildlife biologist who was going up to check on a wolverine trap waited for them to cut it out and took the photo of them on Bill's camera. Bill says it's the biggest he has cut (it was measured it at 33" diameter at the last of the three cuts they did)!
                  (Photos and story by Jan Ford)
(L-R) Joe Hebert and Bill Ford
Bill with the tree after the cut...

Patterson Mountain/Moccasin Lake Ride

On May 16th six riders had a beautiful day on Patterson Mountain. Cathy Upper, Mary Pat Bauman, Kay MacCready, Julie Johnson, Betty Wagoner, and Dave Stephanson rode three "meadows" covered in Lupine and Arrowleaf Balsamroot with snow-capped mountains off to the west. The scenery was spectacular! 

(L-R) Mary Pat, Cathy, Betty, Julie, Kay
This ride was on the privately owned property of Moccasin Lake Ranch, which our Chapter had permission to enjoy.
(Thanks to Betty Wagoner and Julie Johnson for story content and photos)

Bear Creek Gate Project

On Wednesday May 14th Kay MacCready, Willie Kemper, Ken Shannon, Cathy Upper, Carolyn Bronson, and Betty Wagoner formed a work party to  build a "people friendly" pole gate replacing the existing barricade that blocked ranch cattle from crossing the trail onto Wildlife property near Bear Creek.

Willie rode one mule and led another pack mule to carry the gate-building supplies.
Ken up front, Willie follows with the pack mule.
Ken digs the post hole for the gate.
Ken also rode, and he and Willie made the gate while Cathy, Kay, Carolyn, and Betty brushed the trail as far as the Creek (above the new pole gate).

Willie wires the gate, while Carolyn and Ken admire the work.
To access this trail, head to Bear Creek Campground and turn left just before the Creek. Wind around the camp sites and pick up the trail on the west side by the Bear Creek drainage. 
(L-R) Kay, Carolyn, Cathy, Ken, Willie try out the new gate.
(Thanks to Betty Wagoner for story content and photos)

Golden Doe Ride 2014

On May 13th 8 gals had a wonderful time on the Golden Doe ride. The yellow Arrowleaf Balsamroot flowers, so enjoyed in the Methow Valley in the springtime, were prolific!
Kathy Bader, Julie Hensley, Sue Robbins, Deborah Whittimore, Betty Wagoner, Julie Johnson, Mary Pat Bauman, and Brie Ware rode up to the old broken-down cabin and back. The ride has beautiful vistas of the Methow Valley, the river areas, and beyond.

We were fortunate to have a most amazing rider with us: Julie Hensley.
Julie Hensley followed by Sue Robbins
Even though Julie is totally blind, she is a cheerful and enthusiastic member of any group and goes riding at every opportunity. One rider makes sure to go behind her to let her know of obstacles, but she mainly trusts her horse to keep her out of harm's way. She listens to the horse walking ahead of her so she can determine a safe distance to follow, and wears sun glasses to keep any low-hanging leaves or branches out of her eyes. 

(Thanks to Betty Wagoner for story and photos)
(R-L) Kathy on "Ace", Julie H on "Rocky", Sue on "Angel, Deborah on "Thor"

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Our 30th Spring Ride in 2014!

Our 30th anniversary Spring Ride “went off without a hitch". Our rider count was down some this year from last year, but that was mainly because the North Cascades highway was still being cleared as we gathered at the Beaver Creek Campground for the event. We still had a strong attendance, however, and this favorite ride of many equestrians across the state was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

We started off with rain during the earlier part of the week, but the flagging party on Monday managed to get all the markers up without any problems so everyone would know the trail.
Betty Wagoner, Kathy Bader, Julie Johnson, Julie Hensley, Mary Pat, Willie Kemper, Sue Robbins, Betty Ruff, and Dave Stephens did a great job, but the very next day a group of runners thought they were their markers and believed they should remove them as they passed them—so they did!! Well, our riders managed quite well anyway...