Saturday, May 24, 2014

Golden Doe Ride 2014

On May 13th 8 gals had a wonderful time on the Golden Doe ride. The yellow Arrowleaf Balsamroot flowers, so enjoyed in the Methow Valley in the springtime, were prolific!
Kathy Bader, Julie Hensley, Sue Robbins, Deborah Whittimore, Betty Wagoner, Julie Johnson, Mary Pat Bauman, and Brie Ware rode up to the old broken-down cabin and back. The ride has beautiful vistas of the Methow Valley, the river areas, and beyond.

We were fortunate to have a most amazing rider with us: Julie Hensley.
Julie Hensley followed by Sue Robbins
Even though Julie is totally blind, she is a cheerful and enthusiastic member of any group and goes riding at every opportunity. One rider makes sure to go behind her to let her know of obstacles, but she mainly trusts her horse to keep her out of harm's way. She listens to the horse walking ahead of her so she can determine a safe distance to follow, and wears sun glasses to keep any low-hanging leaves or branches out of her eyes. 

(Thanks to Betty Wagoner for story and photos)
(R-L) Kathy on "Ace", Julie H on "Rocky", Sue on "Angel, Deborah on "Thor"

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