Monday, October 22, 2018

October Update -- North Summit Horse Campgound

Finished fence East of main entrance gate
Great things are being done at the North Summit Horse Campground (NSHC) these days as we try to get as much as possible done before the snow falls! Check out the "North Summit Horse Campground" link on the left side of our blog and learn all about it!

2018 Big Valley Ride

On Wednesday the 10th Dick and Lainie fixed the group blueberry pancakes and bacon before they loaded up and moved their rigs to the Big Valley trailhead. They rode the 6-mile loop, once again on the Community Trails, and had lunch at Tina Heath's beautiful picnic area by the Methow River. Tina had given them permission to enjoy her relaxing spot.
It was a fun 3-day ride with members and friends. The Mazama area was so vibrant with fall colors! They had a great group total of 13 riders, some of whom camped out together and some of whom joined the campers for day rides only.
Group photo of the Big Valley riders!
On the trail enjoying the beautiful colors
A stop at the Methow River
Lunch time beside the river!
On the way back to the rigs
Hate to see this beautiful day end!

2018 Cutthroat Lake/Pass Ride (well, not exactly!)

Julie, Mark, Betty, Lainie, Dick, Cathy and Jackie ride from Goat Creek Sno Park to Shaffer Meadow up Jack's Trail

Well, not exactly the Cutthroat Lake/Pass ride this year is right! After the rainy but fun Latte ride the day before, the riders had moved their rigs up to the Goat Creek Sno-park to camp. When they arrived at their camp site, members Dick and Lainie Smithson from Peshastin joined the group and all had a hamburger cookout for dinner. Due to the rain earlier in the day, a campfire was enjoyed as well. The next day on October 9th, the group had a change of plans due to the new snow line that had showed up overnight at about the Cutthroat Pass elevation! They decided to ride at a lower altitude than Cutthroat so they rode from Goat Creek towards the Mazama Freestone Inn and then went up Jack's Loop Trail to Shaffer Meadow before heading back to their Goat Creek camp. In all, it was about a 10 mile ride. Everyone contributed to a pot luck dinner back in camp, and were even able to have another campfire, which everyone appreciated! 
Shaffer Meadow
On the ride...
Relaxing in camp

The 2018 Latte Ride

On Monday October 8th the rain didn't stop riders from enjoying the Latte Ride from Brown's Farm (7 miles west of Winthrop) to the Mazama Store for their Lattes. Some brought their own lunch and others in the group had lunch from the Store. The rain had pretty much stopped by noon, but all riders had rain slickers so were still comfortable. Driving up and meeting the riders for lunch was Ann Port, Donna Kemper, and Fran White. The ride back to their rigs was on the Community Trail which included crossing a suspension bridge; in all, the 10-mile ride was enjoyed by everyone!  
"Hey! Where are our Lattes?"
Mark Brantner, Betty Wagoner, Julie Johnson, MaryPat Bauman, Kay MacCready, Cathy Upper, Jackie Iddings, and non-member riders Terry and Felicity head back to their rigs.

Saturday, September 29, 2018

North Summit Horse Campground Gets International Help!

(L-R) Ian and Jamie dig in to help with the fencing project

Jamie is the daughter of a good Australian friend of Jan and Bill Ford's. She and Ian sold everything and arrived in LA in early August, rented a camper-van and are traveling. Being experienced in fencing and willing to help, they were recruited to join in with the fence building project at the North Summit Horse Campground (NSHC). Jamie and Ian eventually dug 30 of the 65 post holes and helped install highlines! They stayed to enjoy the smoke for 6 days before heading to Canada—and more smoke! 

Please click on the "North Summit Horse Campground" link on the left side of this page to see the latest photos and information on the NSHC! 

2018 Hamburger Ride & BBQ Lunch

This year's September Hamburger Ride & BBQ was without a formal "ride" due to the Crescent fire that had already raged for a month or two in the area. But, there were 5 members who brought their horses anyway and opted to go for a short ride near the Ford's home. Jackie Iddings, Julie Johnson, Betty Wagoner, George Schoenfeld and Michelle Schmidtke enjoyed their ride and were happy they decided to make a go of it. The weather was beautiful with just light smoke! There were 18 members at the BBQ lunch, and Rich Stahl did a great job as BBQ-cook!
Michelle and George arrive back from the ride
Betty, Jackie, and Julie are the drag riders!
Out on the trail and staying away from the flames
Smoke blankets the distant hills
Ready for the BBQ!
Rich tends the barbie!
Julie takes a selfie!

Pipestone Ridge Ride

Cathy Upper, Dave and Gina Johnston, and Betty Wagoner made a ride (climb?) up to Pipestone Ridge on Monday September 10th. The trail was pretty steep up and down in places, but the view was excellent! No trouble with the several rattlesnakes they saw (and heard), so all was good!  
(L-R) Dave, Gina, Betty

Gina and Dave

East Bank Ride

Cathy Upper, Cathy's friend Lori Ulner, Mark Brantner, Ken Orford and Betty Wagoner rode the West Bank Trail on September 15th. They 'trailer-pooled' their horses and, once over Washington Pass, they rode the East Bank Trail off the North Cascades Highway. They found a much different terrain there with everything green — lots of ferns and vine Maple that were just starting to turn color. Cathy, who just happened to take her crosscut saw along on the ride, made quick work of a tree they found laying across the trail! With Ken and Mark to help, she got it sawed out and the trail cleared. The group had a good time riding the trail and stopped for lunch down on a Ross Lake dock at "May Camp". 
The tree over the trail was quickly dispatched!

2018 Labor Day—Bowen Mountain Ride

(L-R) Michelle, George, and Julie at the overlook as Betty takes the photo 
(notice the Crescent fire blowing up in the background!)
(L-R) Michelle, George and their dog "Luna"
Michelle and "Luna"

This past Labor Day George Schoenfeld, Michelle Schmidtke, Julie Johnson and Betty Wagoner rode up the west side of Bowen Mountain. The trail is above Lester Road (Winthrop) and climbs east above the fence and then turns west as they rode to a beautiful overlook. NOTE: The trail is not passable beyond the overlook as it needs repair. The ride was about 2 hours, and the group returned to their rigs for lunch.