Saturday, September 29, 2018

East Bank Ride

Cathy Upper, Cathy's friend Lori Ulner, Mark Brantner, Ken Orford and Betty Wagoner rode the West Bank Trail on September 15th. They 'trailer-pooled' their horses and, once over Washington Pass, they rode the East Bank Trail off the North Cascades Highway. They found a much different terrain there with everything green — lots of ferns and vine Maple that were just starting to turn color. Cathy, who just happened to take her crosscut saw along on the ride, made quick work of a tree they found laying across the trail! With Ken and Mark to help, she got it sawed out and the trail cleared. The group had a good time riding the trail and stopped for lunch down on a Ross Lake dock at "May Camp". 
The tree over the trail was quickly dispatched!

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