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If you're interested in joining our chapter and participating in some of the activities you see on this blog or, if you are a renewing member, we invite you to click on the "YourMembership Online" link below to use the online system. Or, you can use the paper form if you prefer by clicking on the link to "Hard Copy Membership Form" below.

  If you wish to use the "Your Membership" online program and your credit or debit card, your temporary password for ALL users is 'BCHA2016' (for your 2020 renewal the first time you sign in)

For your security you should personalize your password after you log in. Follow the online instructions and complete the form. At the bottom of the profile page, please review and accept the liability release. Additional instructions on how to use the program are displayed when you sign in.

If you prefer to send a hard copy (paper) to our chapter Membership Chair (Linda Seaman), you can use the form similar to what we have used in the past. Just click on the "Hard Copy Membership Form" link below, print and fill out the form (please read the Liability Release on the 2nd page and have all adult family members sign it! ), and send it with your total payment (BCHW and MVBCH) to the MVBCH chapter address in the the top right-hand corner of the form.

YourMembership Online

Hard copy membership form 

By being a member of MVBCH, you are also a member of BCHW and BCHA. Your membership information will continue to be kept secure.