Saturday, September 29, 2018

2018 Hamburger Ride & BBQ Lunch

This year's September Hamburger Ride & BBQ was without a formal "ride" due to the Crescent fire that had already raged for a month or two in the area. But, there were 5 members who brought their horses anyway and opted to go for a short ride near the Ford's home. Jackie Iddings, Julie Johnson, Betty Wagoner, George Schoenfeld and Michelle Schmidtke enjoyed their ride and were happy they decided to make a go of it. The weather was beautiful with just light smoke! There were 18 members at the BBQ lunch, and Rich Stahl did a great job as BBQ-cook!
Michelle and George arrive back from the ride
Betty, Jackie, and Julie are the drag riders!
Out on the trail and staying away from the flames
Smoke blankets the distant hills
Ready for the BBQ!
Rich tends the barbie!
Julie takes a selfie!

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