Sunday, May 18, 2014

Our 30th Spring Ride in 2014!

Our 30th anniversary Spring Ride “went off without a hitch". Our rider count was down some this year from last year, but that was mainly because the North Cascades highway was still being cleared as we gathered at the Beaver Creek Campground for the event. We still had a strong attendance, however, and this favorite ride of many equestrians across the state was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

We started off with rain during the earlier part of the week, but the flagging party on Monday managed to get all the markers up without any problems so everyone would know the trail.
Betty Wagoner, Kathy Bader, Julie Johnson, Julie Hensley, Mary Pat, Willie Kemper, Sue Robbins, Betty Ruff, and Dave Stephens did a great job, but the very next day a group of runners thought they were their markers and believed they should remove them as they passed them—so they did!! Well, our riders managed quite well anyway... 

Camp set-up on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday was done in rain coats and hats. Spirits were high though, and even those who arrived in their rigs on Friday donned their gear and went out on the trails to get their horses loosened up after hours in their trailers and get ready for the next day.

Saturday turned out to be spectacular, and our beautiful Methow “daisies” bobbed and smiled at everyone as they rode by on the trail!

Weather cleared for the Dutch Oven Pot Luck on Friday evening, and we had great participation with really yummy food!

The silent auction items the merchants and members had generously donated were displayed on tables and the bidding started when folks started arriving at camp. Live auction items were on display also.

Thanks so much to Cathy Upper for storing items before the auction and Linda Seaman for tallying them in a spreadsheet. Nancy Palagrutti had very good help with the registering and kept everything humming and running smoothly.

Saturday, our 30th year went very well and we rode over to the “lunch meadow”. Suekii Cornwall was the chef this year, and had very capable helpers. The lunch was sure good! Back in camp, our Poker Game was tallied with 189 playing hands! 

The Silent Auction was a lively spot with people trying to get their bid numbers on last before cutoff time for each table. Folks made their bids early before the ride, and came back to check if someone had out-bid them—then bid again! We had three tables of wonderful items, and a Live Auction which had very unusual and useful items. Dal Dagnon of Tonasket was our auctioneer, and he kept everyone on their toes as bidding progressed!

We had campfire music both Friday and Saturday nights, and it was outstanding. Randy Edin of Nooksack and Johnny Greene of Arlington performed both nights with Brock Hires of Tonasket joining them Friday night. These three guys are really getting good! Then on Saturday evening Jim Higginson and his daughter Janaige joined Randy and Johnny. Jim Flew his plane from Bellingham to join us. And, we had a number of the campfire guests performing as well—we even had a 10 year old “worm” dance for us! 

We had help with the wood that kept a very warm fire going so folks stayed later to enjoy the entertainment (“Thank You” to the wood-getters!).

 The “Logowear” was a huge success this year. We had lots of different colors (lime green and pink shirts, heather green 1/4 zip sweatshirts, and heather purple vests) as well as our usual red, black, gold, and navy colors. Thanks to Nancy Palagrutti and her “staff”!

Breakfast on Sunday morning was wonderful, and we had really good helpers that “cranked out” those great hot cakes, sausage, and eggs—Yum! 

Jim Logsdin
The oldest rider—at 93—was Jim Logsdin from Peshastin. He has attended nearly all of our rides. Our youngest rider was 11 years old, but Dad said he had ridden the 5 previous years. The farthest traveling rider was from Texas (his brother loaned him a horse to ride) and while driving to Washington he practiced his cowboy poem that he recited for us.

Pete and Donna Stoothoff and Cathy Upper helped us tremendously by emptying the manure bunkers (they were full when we arrived!) with his front-end loader. Again, our chapter members “rallied around” so well—we had members jumping in to help when different jobs needed help. A special “Thank You” to the “newbies” that helped with Poker, Registration, and breakfast, and another great big “Thank You” to everyone who makes our Spring Ride the Best Ride in the State! 

Thank you also to the folks who contributed the photos that help us remember this very special weekend... 


Hey--where did everybody go? Oh well, see you in 2015!

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