Saturday, May 24, 2014

Bear Creek Gate Project

On Wednesday May 14th Kay MacCready, Willie Kemper, Ken Shannon, Cathy Upper, Carolyn Bronson, and Betty Wagoner formed a work party to  build a "people friendly" pole gate replacing the existing barricade that blocked ranch cattle from crossing the trail onto Wildlife property near Bear Creek.

Willie rode one mule and led another pack mule to carry the gate-building supplies.
Ken up front, Willie follows with the pack mule.
Ken digs the post hole for the gate.
Ken also rode, and he and Willie made the gate while Cathy, Kay, Carolyn, and Betty brushed the trail as far as the Creek (above the new pole gate).

Willie wires the gate, while Carolyn and Ken admire the work.
To access this trail, head to Bear Creek Campground and turn left just before the Creek. Wind around the camp sites and pick up the trail on the west side by the Bear Creek drainage. 
(L-R) Kay, Carolyn, Cathy, Ken, Willie try out the new gate.
(Thanks to Betty Wagoner for story content and photos)

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