Thursday, July 4, 2019

More Updates on Trails

Don Hecker, a new member of our Chapter, cleared over six miles of the Twisp River Trail from the site of the fire front 0.6 mile west of Poplar Flat back E to War Creek Meadow. Don is a mountain biker and scouted the trail on his bike first before going back with a friend, Karl Kaiyala, also an MVBCH new member. They cut out 18 trees including a very large ponderosa east of Slate Creek and Darwood’s camp. There remains over a third of TRT to be cleared to the west end – all in burnt areas.
May 22: South Creek Trail—Big tree down just past bridge over Twisp River

May 22: South Creek Trail—Mary McHugh, Pete and Bill adjusting Mocha's load

May 22: South Creek Trail—Burnt out shell of huge tree. Chain saw has a 25 inch blade
East of Scaffold looking W

May 22: South Creek Trail—Pete has just cut the last log of the day
East of Scaffold looking W

May 22: South Creek Trail—Looking down the trail about 20 minutes later.  Mushroom pickers taking advantage of cleared trail.
East of Scaffold looking W
The woods were crawling with mushroom pickers and there were vehicles all along the road and camping at the Snow Park and gravel pit.

Trails Day will be at the TR Horse camp--not the Snow Park. We hope as many certified sawyers as possible will come, the campground needs a lot of help.  Carol Hebert will bring the usual hot dogs for the pot luck lunch.

Our WTA/MVBCH BBQ will be on June 5th, as planned.  Chris Furr will be away but two others will be coming from the FS and Bill is hoping that one or two of the WTA from HQ may come to join us and the 11 WTA trail crew members.

Work is also proceeding on the tables, grates and FS sign for North Summit Horse Campground, although Phase 1 will not be completed as soon as we had hoped.

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