Sunday, October 6, 2013

2013 Hamburger Ride

The Hamburger Ride took place on September 19th with 17 riders. By the time lunch was ready, 8 more people had shown up! Though Betty Wagoner didn't make it this year (for the first time?), her horse "Koda" did. Julie Johnson brought him with her horse—Betty had kindly lent him to Jenny Stahl. The weather was perfect, the pot luck dishes delicious, and Tom Cornish cooked the hamburgers. (Photos and story courtesy of Jan Ford and Dolly Stahl)
Bill Ford leads the ride out
Richard Erickson's horse pauses while others munch
Richard looks over the scenery
Jenny Stahl leads, with Julie Johnson, Bonnie Andrews and others trailing
Browsing the trail
Riders gather in the yard
Hamburger time! Grill out of gas?? (No, not really!)

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