Sunday, May 12, 2013

Swimming Pool Ride

The May 4th Swimming Pool Ride went swimmingly! Wayne Corwall, Jackie Iddings, Roger Jackson, Carla Lange, Cathy Upper, along with Cathy's niece and another friend, had great weather and more than a little fun along the way. They were high up amongst the trees, so they weren't bothered by what we in the lowlands called the "heat of the day".  The ponies (and Roger's trusty mule) even had a little additional excitement staying out of the way of a mama cow trying to reach her calf. They skirted around the Lundgren's herd of horses at the very top (they figured out it was cooler up there too!), and enjoyed a lunch with a great view. Unfortunately, Roger's pictures of the ride were accidentally deleted or they'd have a few to share with those of us who couldn't join them! Well, maybe next year...   

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