Wednesday, October 9, 2019

2019 Rendezvous Hut Ride

Ever think it sure would be fun to just ride your horse up and stay in a Rendezvous Hut cabin? The best part is the 4-wheeled 'pack horse' that carries your food, horse feed, and camping gear up for you!

Well, these gals do an annual trip up to the Rendezvous — Jill Freeze, Sarah Sweetser, Bev Masteller come from Davenport and Marion Webster comes from Seattle to join locals Julie Johnson, Julie Hensley, our blind (oh, excuse me — our rider that just can't see!), Sue Robbins, Cathy Upper, Lori Ulner, Kay MacCready and Betty Wagoner (our truck driver). Yep, every year! 

We love the high mountain scenery without having to pack our supplies in by horse. Much food and laughter was had by all!

These Huts are used in winter for cross country skiers to stay in (with a Forest Service permit). In spring or early summer a Rendezvous Hut can be rented near a small lake for horse water. The other Huts are available for summer camping.

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