Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Trail Work Update - June and July

Louis Lake trail is a very good example of co-operative efforts.  A lot of different work parties have battled with the trail which was burnt all the way to the lake, had numerous trees down and badly damaged tread. MVBCH, WTA, NW Youth Corp (funded by BCHW) all worked on it and the final 30 logs before the lake were taken out by two FS Wilderness Rangers.  The trail is now open and to the lake.  Care needs to be taken as more tread repairs are needed.
06/07 Louis Lake trail tread

06/24 NW Youth Corp on Louis Lake Trail
06/24 Louis Lake Trail.  Pete Stoothoff cutting out larger log than NW Youth Corp can manage.

The Twisp Pass tree was taken out by a team of five volunteers using a fine old crosscut saw named "Gladys".  The team included two MVBCH members, (Don Hecker and Karl Kaiyala), Mike Liu (former Methow Valley District FS District Ranger), Mike's daughter Christina, and another Mike, a skilled sawyer from the west side.  This team took over six hours on a tricky log which had to be prevented from falling into the trail (deeply trenched at that point).  Thanks to these enthusiastic and skilled sawyers the last stock stopper on Twisp Pass Trail is now removed.

06/12 The "Big Tree" — Twisp Pass Trail — as left by WTA after limbing it.

06/26 "Big Tree" — Mike Liu and Christina work on the 'big log' up Twisp Pass.

06/26 Twisp Pass Trail almost clear of "Big Tree".

06/26 Twisp Pass Trail — "Big Tree" almost 7 hours after starting.

War Creek Trail is badly burned and will need a lot of work before it is open.  Intrepid hikers are scrambling through and round downed trees, but this only further damages the trail and tread where they scramble on and off and make devious routes through. Stock off trail are at risk from injury because of the fire damage. We hope to limb more of the large downed trees.
06/23 War Creek Bad burn. Cleared trail in first 2 miles

06/23 War Creek Bad burn. Cleared trail in first 2 miles (see creek on right)

06/23 War Creek showing very bad burn.

07/13 War Creek Bad burn. Bill Ford with Kaycee and Dokey ready to go. Note burned trees at side of trail head.

07/13 War Creek. Pete Stoothoff packing Mocha.

07/13 War Creek Trail—and the line behind Dokey
07/13 War Creek Trail. One left by whoever cleared the first 2 miles.
07/13 War Creek Trail about 2 miles up.  The beginning of many downed trees.

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