Wednesday, October 1, 2014

LOST! Have you seen these horses?

A rusty-brown and white paint mare and a Palomino gelding with a "V" brand on his left hip fled their corral near Benson Creek (Methow Valley) at the approach of the rapidly moving wildfire on or about July 18th. They were seen briefly on July 23rd, but tragically, they have not been found or seen since that time. Though the surrounding hills have been thoroughly searched, no remains have been found. It is hoped that someone kindly picked them up as they tried to escape the fires or has seen them somewhere in Okanogan County--or perhaps even farther away by now. They may be far away from the area, or perhaps they are in someone's corral being taken care of, waiting for their owners to come get them. They are loved by a family, and are deeply missed. If you know of, or have seen these horses--or their remains--please contact Ginger Reddington at 509-995-2471. We would appreciate your spreading the word amongst your friends ("horsey" or not!) and/or fellow hunters who may be in this area during the days/weeks to come. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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