Sunday, October 19, 2014

Cutthroat Lake Ride

Story submitted by Betty Wagoner, photos by Julie Johnson
Betty Wagoner was a busy trail boss in October! On the 9th she led a group on a chapter ride to Cutthroat Lake just west of Washington Pass. After riding to the Lake, most riders continued on up to Cutthroat Pass. Cathy Upper, Julie Johnson, Jill Calvert, Dick and Lainie Smithson, Therese Ohlson, Ann Port and Fran White enjoyed the ride, which turned out to be a work party as well! 

Many thanks to Cathy for bringing along a chain saw in her back pack on her horse. The group had been alerted to a log across the trail to the Lake, so she brought her chain saw to "take care of business" while still enjoying the ride! Turns out there was a second log further up the trail that had to be cut out as well. Dick, Jill, and Therese helped Cathy as she cleared the logs from the trail.
Amazing fall colors along the trail!
It was a crisp sunny day, and the Larch needles were a spectacular bronze color that contrasted sharply with the brilliant red of the Huckleberry brush. The group stopped to visit with 3 backpackers at the Pass that were hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. They had begun their trek in April at the Mexican border, and they figured they had 2 more days to make the Canadian border.
The trail gains elevation heading to the Lake
The golden Larch trees set a lovely contrast with the green conifers along the trail
Hairpin turns and colorful foliage!
Up, up, and up!
Betty on "Koda" taking in the spectacular view
Julie on "Sonny" at the top of Cutthroat Pass
Lunch break at the top
President Cathy on one of the switchbacks
Grand view from the top!

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