Saturday, September 28, 2013

A Nightmare on Horseback...

Sometimes we ask ourselves "what would I do if ____ happened while I'm riding?". Most of the time we can come up with an answer that ensures our safety and that of our horse, but there are times when we can't even imagine the situation would occur, much less know what to do about it. This is one of those times... Less than a month ago, a horse-motorcycle incident on a logging road off Mann Road outside of Sultan left a horse rider injured. The area is signed “no motorized vehicles”, yet the two horseback riders were approached by two men riding dirt-bikes on the logging road. Words were exchanged and one of the bike riders began revving his bike's engine to intimidate the horses. One horse bolted in fright and went at a dead run down the road with its rider hanging on for dear life, and the dirt-bike rider in hot pursuit about 5 feet behind the horse. At some point the horse rider fell off and the dirt-bike riders left her lying there unconscious as they rode past. The county Sheriff is attempting to track the bike riders down. Read more details here from The Seattle PI. (This news was initially shared with MVBCH from the Capitol Riders BCH chapter newsletter "Hoofbeats", October 2013.)

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