Monday, September 30, 2013

Wrap-up Work on The Lake Creek Trailhead Corrals

Margi Allen and Kieth Zielke wanted to finish the job they started at the Lake Creek trailhead. They went up Friday September 6th, got rained on, worked on the 3rd corral, and got rained on some more. (If you recall, that was the weekend of the never-ending deluge of the wet stuff!) They spent the night up there anyway, and Keith got up the next morning to more rain. What a surprise! They worked again on the corrals, got rained on, and after all was done they finally headed back home. Following a good breakfast at Antlers in Twisp, they returned to their warm and dry home! Now that’s dedication to the improvement of our trail system! (Thanks to Margi for story and photos)


Keith prying the downed logs out of the corral

Last pole in...

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