Wednesday, July 26, 2017

"Welcome" BBQ For The 2017 BCHW Hot Shot Crew

Cathy was the Chef for the entire crew!
On July 1st President Cathy Upper brought (and cooked) 45 steaks for the arriving Hot Shot crew, and club members Betty Wagoner, Joe and Carol Hebert, Mark Brantner, Jill Calvert, Marian Webster, Jackie Iddings, and Bill and Jan Ford also brought pot luck dishes and helped with the BBQ. It was held at Darwood’s camp/corrals far up the Chewuch River near the Andrews Creek area.
The BBQ was a fun event before lots of hard work
Forest Service trails crew member Clark Simpson was also there, and he said their crew had gotten the huge Andrews Creek Trail avalanche tree slide cut out using chain saws with special permission from the FS Supervisor office in Wenatchee for this hazardous project.
Opening up this slide section for stock was essential for the Hot Shot crew to access areas on the trail that required attention.   
Andrews Creek Tree avalanche (Source: Methow Valley News)

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