Saturday, July 15, 2017

National Trails Day 2017

Casey clears branches from Eagle Creek bridge

Not a big turnout (14 in all counting the cooks), but quite a bit achieved considering the low number.  We had a boost when a truck load of energy arrived in the form of Casey Smith with two friends of similar age (20’s?) plus Jill Calvert – a very effective brushing team! Nick and Annette Koontz were the members who came furthest, and we had the fortune to have Jason Ridlon and a hunting buddy, Darrell; they and Willie Kemper and Dan Stanley (non-member) worked off the Twisp River Trail – up War Creek and Scatter Creek respectively. Bill and Nick removed the only impassable tree of the day, a tricky one by Scaffold Creek.  They also brushed a section of the trail near Slate Creek. 

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