Monday, July 10, 2017

2017 WTA/MVBCH Pot Luck Supper

On June 14th our MVBCH members hosted a steak and pot luck supper for the Washington Trails Association at Poplar Flats up Twisp River. This supper has turned into an annual event and all who join in have a great time. This is our 3rd or 4th year of hosting this event so many of “us” are getting to know many of “them”! There were about 12 WTA members and 2 Forest Service crew members, plus 9 of our own chapter members which made a sizeable group of hungry folks!
We brought steaks and lots of pot luck dishes to feed everyone, so all went very well. Most of the WTA volunteers come from the “west side” and hike into the wilderness to cut out trails in the Twisp River drainage with their crosscut saws for one week. Some of our chapter members had already cleared trails up to the wilderness boundary with chain saws to facilitate WTA access to the wilderness.

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