Friday, June 30, 2017

The MVBCH 2017 Spring Ride

It was a great Spring Ride again this year! Even with two of the three roads into the Methow Valley closed by weather events of one sort or another, most folks—and some new ones who hadn’t joined the Ride in previous years—decided the fun was well worth the effort. Rig after rig caravanned up Hwy 153 and then onto Hwy 20 to Upper Beaver Creek Road, which had just been repaired from a recent rain washout! Fortunately, the weather held off from further rain squalls until the ride was over, but the following Thursday the Upper Beaver Creek Road was overcome by rain once again resulting in another impassable washout situation. We were grateful that didn’t happen while we still had all our guests in camp!

The auction tent is always busy!
The auction was amazing; so many wonderful people donated useful and attractive items and our local businesses were generous and eager to help us out with some very special contributions. We were hoping for a great auction to fund our work this season—especially getting the North Summit Horse Camp ready—and we were not disappointed.

Many volunteers chipped in to help just about everywhere and were kept busy with the Logo Wear, Auction, ride games, and the great meals that were served. The BBQ, which is traditionally served to riders on the trail ride, was postponed until dinnertime because—due to road washouts—the only way to get to the BBQ site this year was on horseback! This turned out to be a great alternative and was enjoyed by everyone.
A "kitchen crew" helped get the BBQ ready and served
Steak, a couple of salads, pretzel rolls, brownies and apples were on the menu and the dinner “table” around the roaring campfire was the perfect setting. Having the BBQ in the evening after the Ride and auction events seemed to be a hit with most riders, so this change may be the option of choice next year. 

Saturday night entertainment was on the menu as well and after dinner we had our own Country Western music festival right in camp! Local entertainer TR Stewart was joined by Randy Edin from Everson, Washington and Jim Higginson from Bellingham.
Our group of entertainers were well received!
Jim’s daughter Jeniage added to the great sound along with singer Selina. Dave Notter, a retired Oncologist from Wenatchee. Dave rounded out the group by adding his fiddle and playing a great rendition of “Oh, Danny Boy”!

While it serves the ultimate purpose of fundraising to support our trail work, the Spring Ride is a much-loved and fun event that we look forward to every year. In fact, most of our members just wouldn’t miss this special weekend in April! It takes plenty of planning, hard work, and a “will do” attitude to make the Ride a success, and we have some very loyal volunteers who make it happen. Many, many thank yous to those who dedicate their time and effort every year to make this event one of the best rides in the state! 
After the BBQ, folks gathered by the campfire
Enjoying the entertainers by the campfire

On the ride
On the ride

Riders pose in camp for a photo
Lining up for last Poker draw and chance at dart board

Riders meet up with old friends from the ride
At the end of the day, the horses get to relax and enjoy their hay!

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