Thursday, June 29, 2017

Early Spring Riding at Ancient Lakes

During the first week of April a group of 
riders decided to have an early spring trail ride and camping adventure. MVBCH members Cathy Upper, Julie Johnson, Betty Wagoner, Mary Pat Bauman, and Mark Brantner wanted to get a head start on this season’s horse camping so they headed south to the beautiful Ancient Lakes/Quincy Wildlife area for an April 3rd, 4th, and 5th getaway. The weather and landscape was more “spring like” than in the Methow Valley and they were able to enjoy 3 days of great rides and a fun campout. Jill Freeze and Beverly Masteller from Davenport joined the group, as well as new rider Cindy Simmons from Leavenworth. One of the group had an MVBCH membership form handy and Cindy signed up to become a new member on the spot! 

That time of the year is also a very important time for national championship basketball games and it just so happened the Zags were playing! Of course the group didn’t want to miss THAT, so Jill brought her generator, TV and “Dish Hitchhiker” antenna. She even brought along her portable fireplace so everyone could be warm and comfortable while watching the game! This was a fun 3 days!
Everyone enjoyed watching the Zags play!

NOTE: The Ancient Lakes/Quincy Wildlife area is now managed by The Port of Quincy (starting in 2017) and currently (2021) they are not taking reservations for camping. Any camping done in the Ancient Lakes/Quincy Wildlife area is now done by 1st come/1st served basis (no reservations) and with the expectation that those campers who do plan to have overnight stays 'leave no trace' as there are no workers on site or stationed in the area. They are currently in the planning stages for future camping sites in the location, but there are no provisions to accommodate such use of the area at this time.    

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