Thursday, July 18, 2013

North Summit/Loup Loup Ride in August

This ride was originally planned for August 9-11, but has been changed to August 16-18. We are hoping to make it a “Raffle Ride” to benefit The Nourishing Hand Equine Rescue in Oroville and the Keystone Animal Rescue in Riverside. Nancy Palagruti has a few items gathered up for the raffle portion and we are asking for other items to be donated by our members. Nancy will need a few members to help with the planning and organizing and pitch in to do such things as selling tickets or tending an information booth for chapter/state info. Ann Port suggested she could do a breakfast one of the days and we may want to sell/serve hamburgers one day. Anyone willing to help out is welcome! Please call Nancy at 997-4802 or e-mail her at if you’d like to be a part of this informal but very worthwhile experience. We want this to be stress-free, and there are lots of generous folks out there. You don't need to be camping to join in the fun. Come on up and help to expose folks to the new (proposed?) horse camp area, help out the equine rescue folks, and have a great time doing it. Call or e-mail Nancy pronto, and thanks for stepping up!

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