Friday, July 26, 2013

Lake Creek Trail

Margi Allen and Keith Zielke planned for a relaxing time with their mules camping at the Lake Creek Trailhead last weekend. They were very dismayed to find severe damage to two of the corrals by a large tree that had been felled across them. Keith is no stranger to working on these corrals, so they were both disheartened to find this most recent damage. In 2002 Keith, Joyce and Vern Anderson, and Allen Byrd had spent 3 days at that camp rebuilding the corrals with rails and posts contributed by the Forest Service. Keith and Ken Melvin (Keith and Margi's son-in-law) replaced some of the posts and rails again in 2011. Moving forward once more, Keith and Margi spent 4 1/2 hours on Saturday July 20th removing parts of the felled tree and rebuilding one of the corrals. Not all was work, however. They still had a wonderful time, even enjoying an early morning visitor when a bull moose chose to wander into camp. Pretty exciting; even the mules got to snortin' and blowin'! Unfortunately, the camera was in the camper at the time so they couldn't capture the photo op! (Contributed by Margi Allen/Keith Zielke)
The tree was felled across the corrals

Smashed rails and posts were everywhere
Margi does finishing work on the nails

Keith fits more rails

Finally, a usable corral!

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