Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Judd Ranch Ride

On Saturday June 11th Julie Johnson, Wayne and Suekii Cornwall, Sue Robbins, Sally Nelson, Dick Freitas, Betty Wagoner, and Jackie Iddings headed up the hill and were met by Pete Stoothoff. Pete guided everyone to his beautiful place in Texas Creek. He and his wife Donna had put out a variety of ice cold drinks to have with lunch. Everyone had a relaxing time lazing around the Stoothoff's yard before the ride back up and over the top of the hill to their rigs.
Riding out on the trail

Pete meets up with the group
Wayne has a snooze before heading back

Heading back to the rigs

 (L-R) Dick, Sally, Sue, and Betty

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  1. Well icon confirm with the original Judd's. Charley, Barb and their kids up at their cabin way up on Texas creek road. Back in the 60's my family slept in the old farmhouse on the way up the mountain. It was old back then. Maybe built in the late 18 hundreds? Our family stayed there that night. I was a kid, maybe 5?
    I remember a bat flying into the room and my dad chasing it away with a broom. My family was very good friends with the Judd's for many years. We also stayed in the old cabin up the hill. Snowmobile early days at that point. Max & Wanda Judd Living in Carlton Old school times.


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