Monday, May 28, 2018

The "Lookie-see" and Flagging Rides

The Spring Ride doesn’t just “happen” — it takes lots of preparation over several months. The week of the Ride, however, is particularly busy for just about everyone, but more so for the members who manage the ride itself. A “Lookie-See” scouting ride is done a few weeks before the Spring Ride by those members who know the area well. Their job is to determine the trail route for the day of the ride and be sure it is clear of fallen trees and other obstacles.
Sunday April 15th was a cloudy and cold day, but Betty Wagoner, Julie Johnson, President Cathy Upper, and Mark Brantner rode into the west end of the Spring Ride route (from the Lester Road side) for the 2018 “Lookie-See” ride.

With much dismay, they found 25 to 30 dead and burnt trees down across the planned trail; the trees had been burnt in the 2014 Carlton Complex fire and had not yet been removed. Two days later member DK Williams and President Cathy rode up with a couple of chain saws and cut out the trail in preparation for the Spring Ride the next week.
The Flagging ride was after the "Lookie-see" ride and just 5 days before the Spring Ride. Thankfully, the weather was great and Betty Wagoner had 9 helpers to flag the trail for the Spring Ride. Those riding with Betty were Cathy Upper,  Julie Johnson, Jackie Iddings, Anita Ellis, Heidi Weston, Mary Pat Bauman, Bev Phillippi, Kay MacCready, and Mark Brantner. Not too surprising, new trees were downed by the time the Flagging crew went through to mark the trail so member Willie Kemper went up to cut them out before the Spring Ride. The spring wildflowers had burst open and it looked like the Balsamroot would be in full bloom.



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