Monday, May 28, 2018

Methow Valley Trails Collaborative

Most people are aware that government budget limitations have caused an immense backlog in the maintenance of the Forest system’s recreational trail system nationwide. To help remedy the ongoing challenge of maintaining recreational trails in the Methow Valley, a diverse group of trail users and volunteers formed an "umbrella" organization called the Methow Valley Trails Collaborative (MVTC) to immediately begin working with the ranger district. The MVTC's mission is to address the backlog of trail work and restore sustainable access that is long overdue. [Excerpts from Methow Valley News,

On May 19th a group of MVBCH members joined other Methow Valley Trails Collaborative groups to work on the Lewis Butte/Riser Lake trail in the Rendezvous area. Our members’ job was to install post and 2-rail fencing around a new parking lot that will serve the Lewis Butte/Riser Lake trails.

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