Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Take A Peek at the Silent Auction Items for our 2013 Spring Ride!

Our 2013 Spring Ride "silent auction" promises many wonderful treasures. Be sure to take your wallet with you! For now, you can just have a peek...

Of course, we'll have our Spring Ride T-shirts and jackets available for sale, but you can't see them here--you'll have to wait for the Ride!

This year we will have some special "wild rags" for sale too. The wild rag has long functioned in the west as much more than merely an adornment. The handkerchief which encircled every cowboy's neck was intended as a mask for occasional use to eliminate the otherwise suffocating dust, and not as an article of dress. Wild rags are made of natural breathable fabrics that help wick away moisture and filter out the wind. Cowboys (and others) preferred silk wild rags because it could filter muddy water from a river or watering hole whereas cotton would allow the mud to seep through. These western wear standards are used in the summer heat to keep cool and in winter cold to keep warm. We'll have a wide selection of them at the Ride for purchase.

A sample of the Wild Rags that will be on sale.

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