Sunday, April 21, 2013

2013 Spring Ride trail flagging party

Seven intrepid riders from MVBCH (plus one "son-in-law to be") participated in the trail flagging party for the Spring Ride at Beaver Creek Campground on Sunday April 21st. They had some invigorating  weather to enjoy! Betty Wagoner, Jackie Iddings, Mary Pat Bauman and Nate (Mary Pat's son-in-law to be), Julie Johnson, Julie Hensley, Sue Robbins, and Suzan Davis started out on the trails with light snow, and ended up in a near blizzard! They had a great time in the snowy wonderland and enjoyed the ride, though somewhat surprised by the wintery scenes. Nonetheless, the trails are now marked and will be easy to follow come Spring Ride. Weather is going to soften this week, the snow will melt, and NOAA is predicting a beautiful weekend to come--it may be chilly (dress warm!), but it will be beautiful.

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