Membership--join or renew:
Please click here to open the hard-copy form to join or renew your membership to Methow Valley Back Country Horsemen.

Liability Release: 
Click here to print the Liability Release form.

The trail leader/sponsor of any scheduled chapter ride is responsible for obtaining a signed liability release from all non-chapter members prior to their participation in a chapter-sponsored ride. The signed forms are to be submitted to the chapter Director or President after the ride. 

Incident Report:

Click here to print the Incident Report form.

The leader/sponsor of a scheduled chapter ride or work party is responsible for completing an incident report when there is an accident or injury on state, national, or private land of any participant during the activity. Part of our BCHW liability requirement is to document all injuries for insurance coverage. If any member or non-member has an accident or sustains injury while participating in a scheduled ride or work activity, we must document the pertinent information about the situation and circumstances, including witnesses, so we have a reliable and accurate record of the incident. Completed reports are to be forwarded to our Chapter Director (Gary Sterner), who will then deliver them to BCHW.

Volunteer Hours: 

New report form for Volunteer Hours (VH)

Recording our volunteer hours allows us to keep track of where the volunteer work was done and forward the information to the proper agency. The guidelines and forms have been revised and updated to make tracking across the chapters more consistent and more accurate. Remember that starting in 2014 volunteer hours are to be submitted monthly to Kay MacCready. Here are some links to help you with the new process:

Abbreviations for the VH Form
Agency and District Codes for the VH Form
Chapter Codes for the VH Form
VH Guidelines  

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