Monday, June 25, 2018

UPDATE: Twisp River Drainage Trails

In May MVBCH cut out a number of trails in the Twisp River to the wilderness boundary. From June 3rd a Washington Trails Association (WTA) work party logged a number of trails within the wilderness. At the same time two Forest Service trail workers logged out Scatter Creek Trail #427 and War Creek Trail #408 beyond the wilderness boundary. Twisp River Trail #440 was logged out 15 miles by June 3rd.
South Creek Trail #401 – Logged to 3.8 miles.
Williams Creek Trail #407 – Logged out 2.5 miles to 3.0 miles with two trees left down on the trail.
War Creek Trail #408 - Logged out at least 2-3 miles beyond the cabin.
Eagle Creek Trail #410 – Logged out two miles just past Oval Lake Trail turn off.
North Creek Trail #413 – logged 2.5 miles with some brushing.
East Fork Buttermilk Trail #420 – Logged out at least 1.2 miles.
Scatter Creek Trail #427 – Logged out to the horse camp below the lake.
Louis Lake Trail #428 – Logged out two miles.
Twisp Pass Trail #432 – Logged out to Twisp Pass by Forest Service.

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