Monday, December 4, 2017

The Fall Color Rides of 2017

Over the past several years it has become an informal but much welcomed MVBCH tradition to save the last three rides of the season especially for viewing the beautiful fall colors of the Methow Valley. So, for October 9th, 10th, and 11th, 5 MVBCH members (Julie Johnson, Mark Brantner, Dave and Gina Johnston, and Betty Wagoner) camped at the Goat Creek Sno Park in the north valley to be close to the favorite trails known to have the best colors.

On Monday the 9th, members Anita Ellis and Mary Pat Bauman joined the “hardy 5” riders who had camped at the Sno Park and they all rode to Mazama for their morning Latte treats.

Stopping for a drink on the way back from Mazama

On Tuesday the 10th, the “hardy 5” rode to Cutthroat Lake and then farther up the trail a couple more miles. As they rode on, they ran into snow that had already covered the trail so, as it was continuing to snow, they played it safe and turned around to go back to the lower altitudes.
Lunch in the snow!

Heading back down to warmer temperatures and no snow!

Wednesday the 11th, member Ann Port joined the group for the Big Valley Ride along the Methow River.

This year the “hardy” group was smaller than in previous years, but they had a
great time. And, they were very thankful to Tina Heath for letting them use her
picnic area along the Methow River for lunch on Wednesday during the Big Valley Ride.
Of course, the horses had a good drink before the trip home!

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