Saturday, March 22, 2014

New Process for Volunteer Hours

Kay MacCready, MVBCH Volunteer Hours chair, announced that BCHW is making changes in the way we collect and report Volunteer Hours (VH) data.

To prevent "end of year craziness and forgetfulness", we will now be turning in our volunteer hours to Kay on a regular monthly basis. No more waiting until the end of the year to turn them in! Kay will compile the volunteer hours data and send it in to BCHW on a quarterly basis. 

Please document ALL your volunteer hours (excluding hours spent in monthly meetings or time spent for purely social planning/events) on the new state form, and turn the forms in to Kay. Examples of hours that might be included (in addition to those related to work parties) are:
  • Collecting donation items and related travel time.
  • Shirt selection, ordering pickups and deliveries.
  • All business planning meetings and phone calls.
  • Food planning, purchasing, and preparation for the Spring Ride.  
Kay asks that members estimate and record the hours daily, weekly, or monthly--whatever is the best that you can do. She will take what you send her and "make it work", as long as you get the information to her monthly. She will also work with members on finding the best collection method for you as individuals.

The new forms are a bit simpler than the old ones, but Kay asks that you not be concerned about any codes you don't know or understand. When you don't know the codes, she recommends that you write a brief note on the form describing what you did and where you did it so she can apply the appropriate codes in her quarterly report. 

It is predicted that we will see a huge increase in our volunteer hours. This is important for our political clout in keeping the trails open! 

More information and resources for tracking/recording on the updated VH form can be found on the Forms tab in this blog, or on the BCHW web site.

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