Monday, December 16, 2013

What a Great Christmas Party!

Once again, our MVBCH Christmas party was a real hit! Everyone showed up with a special holiday treat to share, Wayne Cornwall and Susan Davis did a fabulous job of carving the juicy prime rib, while Jackie Iddings, Betty Wagoner, Donna Stoothoff and several other volunteer elves served it all up in a scrumptious buffet. We had cranberry salads, creamed corn casserole, mashed potatoes, Yorkshire pudding, and several other wonderful dishes specially made for the occasion.
And of course, we had a full compliment of low fat/low calorie (just kidding!) yummies for dessert.
Before we got started enjoying the meal, everyone gathered to snack on the delicious appetizers and fruit punch while exchanging stories of the past year. There were many smiles and yes, quite a few belly-laughs too! Talk was about what's going on these days now that our horses have had their shoes pulled and are on their own vacation, and what plans are underway for sharing the holidays with families. 
Karen Theimer, Ken Shannon, Gary Sterner share stories
Nancy Palagruti and Mary Pat Bauman, "Really?"

After dinner it was time to draw our numbers for the gift exchange. Betty Wagoner passed the hat and everyone got to take a chance! Pete Stoothoff seemed quite pleased with his number, while Betty offers Jan Ford a number from the hat.

All gifts were under the tree and everyone had a chance to pick and choose, whether it was a gift from under the tree, or one that someone else had opened but it was up for a "steal". Everyone enjoyed watching as others opened the surprises, some of which were hilarious and deserved a smart remark or joke! 


Ken Shannon loves his new, frilly apron!

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